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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dirt Bikes for 10 Years Old

Different types of dirt bikes for 10 years old children in the market. It is considered a very interesting and helpful activity for children as well as adults. Many parents love to introduce their children to dirt biking and other sorts of motorcycles. For parents, it is very important to choose the right dirt bike for their children. There are different types of dirt bikes in the market for 10 years old children. When we are choosing a dirt bike we have to consider various things like age, safety parameters, material from which the dirt bike is made up of, engine, and much more.
If we are talking about the benefits of dirt biking there are many, the first benefit is that socialization in children increases when they go outside and interact with people. Another benefit is the physical activity of the children increases, the sense of responsibility develops, and more.

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Understanding the Basics

Types of the Dirt Bikes 

There are many types of dirt bikes for 10 years old children. in addition to that, 2 basic types of dirt bikes are off-road dirt bikes and motocross bikes. We will be talking about the characteristics of these two.

1. Road Dirt Bikes

These are the types of bikes that are specifically built for off-road tracks. Off-road means unpaved, rough trails. the off-road tracks are rough no proper boundaries are there. Such tracks are away from public roads and avenues.

2. Motocross Bikes

The motocross bikes are designed for biking on the proper tracks with jumps and turn. Such bikes are lightweight having strong engines and special suspension systems.

Engine Size and Power Consideration

Engine size is one of the basic things to consider when you are choosing the dirt bikes for 10 years old. There are different sizes of engines in the market like 50cc, 70cc, and 110cc. You should consider the different factors while choosing dirt bikes of different sizes.

1. 50cc Engine

The dirt bike has a size of 50cc considered best for kids the age of 3 to 7 years. 50 cc bikes are dirt bikes with small engines that are lightweight, easy to handle, and fuel efficient. One example of a 50cc bike is the KMT 50cc for the 10 years old.

2. 70cc Engine

The 70cc engine dirt bikes for 10 years old are also into consideration. The age group that can ride on the 70cc dirt bike is 7 to 10 years old. The age of these age groups can easily handle the bike because they can hold the weight of the dirt bike.

3. 110cc Engine

The dirt bikes for 10 years old are also available in 70cc engine size. Children of age 10 and above can hold and have control over the dirt bike. The Honda CRF110F is a dirt bike for 10 years old in the market. Checkout the speed of 125cc and how fast it can go.

Safety Equipment And Gear

While riding any type of bike or vehicle you must wear the safety equipment. The safety equipment for riding dirt bikes for 10 years old is the same as for adults.

1, Helmets

Your head safety should be the priority while riding the dirt bike because it protects your brain. Whenever you give dirt bikes to your children, ensure that they are wearing helmets. Always buy the helmet from a good brand because the cheap one has no guarantee.

2. Goggles

The major function of goggles is to protect your eyes from dirt and gravel. Moreover, googles also filter the sunlight so that your vision does not affect it.

3. Boots

The boots will protect your feet as well as increase your grip on the dirt bike. Always buy high-quality shies rather than cheap ones. In addition to that, buy lightweight boots so that the kid can easily carry them.

4. Chest Protector

The chest protector will protect your chest and thorax area during riding the dirt bike. The children have very brittle ribs so you must provide a shield for the rib bones. The chest protector will protect you from any serious injuries.

 5. Knee and Elbow Pads

These pads will provide a shield to the arm and knee of the kid. These pads will protect your body’s extremities from any serious injuries. Moreover, always buy good quality pads that can withstand any serious consequences.

Factors to Consider

1. Rider’s Physical Ability and Experience Level

This is one of the most important factors for riding a dirt bike. You should select the bike according to the physical strength of the kid and rider. The rider should practice with small dirt bikes like 50cc so that they can easily handle the heavier and bigger ones. You should buy the dirt bike according to the age and physical abilities of the kid.

2. Seat Height and Ergonomics

The seat design and height are very important when buying a dirt bike for 10 year old. There are standard seat heights according to the age of the rider for example if the age of the kid is 3-6 yrs old and the height of the rider is 90cm to 110cm then seat height must be 23 to 24 inches. This is important because it can affect the hold and control of the dirt bike.

3. Bike weight and Height

The bike’s weight and height should also be considered when you are buying a dirt bike. You should keep in mind the height and physical abilities of your children. Furthermore, you should start with a lighter bike than a heavier one. If the age of the child is between 7 to 14 years then he can ride the bikes weighing 60 to 120 pounds. Beginners can start dirt bike riding having an engine size of 40cc to 50cc.

Recommended Age/height chart for a dirt bike for a 10 years old

Child AgeChild HeightBike seat heightEngine size in cc
3-7 years2ft 7-inches to 3ft 7-inches17 -21 inches50cc
7-12 years3ft 7-inches to 4ft 7-inches21 – 25 inches50cc -110cc
12-14 years5ft to 5ft 2-inches31 – 35 inches125 cc
Recommended Age/height chart for choosing a dirt bike for a 10 years old

4. Maintenance and Reliability

Every parent wants their child to drive a well-maintained and more reliable dirt bike while considering both comfort safety and comfort. Maintaining a dirt bike for 10 years old is replacing or modifying certain sections on the dirt bike before damage is done or restoration is needed.

5. Expense

The outlay of a gas dirt bike for 10 years old doesn’t slow down as with the bike itself. Acquiring & choosing the best protection gear for dirt bike is necessary and not any commodity you are confined to. You’re gonna need safety goggles, a full-faced helmet, gloves, and if needed riding boots.

Top Brands and Models


  • PW50: An entirely mechanized transmission and adaptable throttle control enlarges thrills with skills. With a cost of $1700, the renowned Yamaha PW50 guarantees a joy-filled first-ride experience. It also comes with a 49cc two-stroke engine and an ultra-low seat height of around 18.7 inches.
  • TT-R110E: This gas dirt bike for 10 years old has all the right specifications and characteristics. With the cost of $2300, it comes with a 110cc engine and has a lot more horsepower when compared with other.


  • CRF50F: These dirt bikes for 10 years old were originally advertised as XR50. The 4-stroke 49cc air-cooled engine is as definitive as it can be. This dirt bike isn’t that much costly as it costs $1650. The bike itself is a masterpiece.
  • CRF110F: Honda CRF110F, what I consider one of the top-notch dirt bikes for a 10 years old. With a slightly higher price of $2200, it comes with a transmission of 110cc and slightly larger horsepower. Talking about the seat height, it is adjusted right 26.3” above the ground.
2019 Honda CRF50F

3. KTM

  • 50 sx mini: despite the fact it is small, it still compares itself with other beasts. The bike is powered by 2 stroke 49cc engine providing a good balance between power and control. Considering the price, it’s not that much cost saving as it is around $3800-$4500.
  • 65 sx: Designed for young riders specifically the dirt bikes for 10 years old, this is also a perfect dirt bike I would say. It is powered by a 64.9cc two-stroke engine so there is an increase in power as compared to KTM 50 SX Mini.

Safety Tips for Young Riders

By following these safety tips, young dirt bike riders can enjoy their sport while minimizing the risk of accidents. Dirt bikes for 10 years old must be driven by following the proper rules and regulations.

1. Proper Riding Techniques and Body Positioning

This is one of the most important factors for riding a dirt bike. You should select the bike according to the physical strength of the kid and rider. The rider should practice with small dirt bikes like 50cc so that they can easily handle the heavier and bigger ones. You should buy the dirt bike according to the age and physical abilities of the kid.

2. Supervision and Training

Ensure young riders are supervised by a responsible adult or experienced rider. Consider enrolling them in structured training programs to develop their skills gradually and safely.

3. Choosing Appropriate Riding Locations

Ride only in designated off-road areas like motocross tracks or designated trails, avoiding public roads or high-traffic areas.

4. Regular Maintenance and Bike Checks

Stress the importance of regular bike maintenance, including checking brakes, tires, chains, and critical components before each ride to prevent mechanical failures.

Maintaining a Safe and Enjoyable Riding Experience

1. Periodic Bike Maintenance

Regularly maintaining the dirt bike is crucial for safety. Young riders should understand the importance of checking and maintaining key components such as brakes, tires, chains, and suspension to ensure optimal performance and minimize the risk of mechanical failures.

2. Regular Safety Gear Checks

Encourage young riders to regularly inspect their safety gear, including helmets, goggles, gloves, and protective clothing. It’s important to ensure that the gear is in good condition, fits properly, and provides adequate protection before each ride.

3. Encouraging Safe Riding Habits

Teach and reinforce safe riding habits to young dirt bikers. This includes following speed limits, obeying trail rules, avoiding reckless maneuvers, and maintaining proper distance from other riders. Emphasize the importance of anticipating and reacting to potential hazards on the trail.

4. Providing a Positive Attitude towards Responsible Riding

Foster a positive attitude towards responsible riding. Encourage young riders to respect the trail, other riders, and the environment. Promote the importance of being a good ambassador for the sport and setting a positive example for others.


In conclusion, ensuring a safe and enjoyable dirt biking experience for young riders requires careful consideration of various factors. Firstly, choosing the appropriate dirt bikes for 10 years old rider is crucial. It should be a bike that matches their age, size, and skill level to provide them with a comfortable and manageable riding experience. We have discussed about all the factors that should be considered while choosing dirt bike for 10 years old.
Additionally, fostering responsible and safe riding practices is essential. This includes teaching young riders proper techniques, such as body positioning and throttle control, as well as emphasizing the importance of wearing safety gear. Encouraging them to ride within their limits, follow trail rules, and respect other riders and the environment creates a culture of safety and consideration on the trails.
Lastly, it is important to highlight the joy and benefits that young riders can experience through dirt biking. Not only does it provide an exhilarating sense of freedom and adventure, but it also promotes physical fitness, enhances motor skills, and fosters self-confidence. By emphasizing the positive aspects of dirt biking, young riders are more likely to embrace the sport with enthusiasm and a mindset focused on safety.

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