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How to Choose a proper dirt bike riding gear?


What is the importance of Dirt bike riding gear? How do you choose the right riding gear?

As an experienced dirt biker and associated with the industry for over a decade, I want you guys to know coming deeply from the bottom of my heart that safety is our biggest concern when we started this blog you know when you sign up for this that there’s gonna be some spills there’s gonna be some tip-overs and sometimes it’s gonna be even some bad crashes, and that’s just the reality of it, so why not prepare yourself with the best way possible by putting the safest dirt bike riding gear that you can find on.  

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You guys at home think it’s cool to ride without gear. It’s not cool when the bones are broken or you’re stuck on the couch for six months because you didn’t want to wear the chest protector because the pro guys don’t. For example, the reality is the growth of the sport depends on you.

 Guys stepping up and becoming more safe riders and that starts with putting the most amount of safety gear on so wear your safety gear all the time all right we’re going head to talk on this first things first,  

Starting off with the Upper Body Protection


A helmet is the most important dirt bike riding gear that you want.  Always buy the best helmet you can afford and if you can’t afford it borrow money from someone right this is your brain that we’re talking about this is what makes you function. So if you smack your head on the ground on a cheap helmet you’re likely gonna get a concussion you get more than a couple of those or it’s really bad you’re gonna have some brain problems we don’t want that.


With helmet the next riding gear you should have are goggles that go inside. These goggles are going to be dirtier than normal. You don’t want that dirt on your face when you’re riding.

Tracks to have rocks and sand all this is bad for your eyes make sure that you have goggles on when you’re riding especially if you’re riding with other people a little pro tip on the side here if it’s bright out find some tinted lenses for your goggles at night time always ride with clear lenses and also these little prongs right here are torn off prongs if you want to protect your lenses so you go spend money on a tinted lens put a couple of tears offs on there that way the dirt isn’t scratching it you’re not wiping it with your hands.

Neck Brace 

Neck braces are sometimes highly controversial. Some people like them, some people don’t. I personally wear them. I think the newer neck braces are a little better. In places where they put pressure, they are designed to keep your head from tilting too far one way or the other. This will result in saving your neck.

After your brain the next big thing that should be saved while riding is your neck. If your neck gonna hurt badly your are likely gonna die. So that’s the simple science behind them so if that’s something you have ignored i would strongly recommend a neck brace.

Dirt Bike Riding Jersey

Moving down a layer we got our Jersey. It’s a long sleeve so it protects a little bit when you go down you got vents in the side here so you can buy jerseys that are vented for the summertime you can buy non perforated jerseys for the winter time to kind of keep you warmer even people will wear cold-weather gear underneath their jerseys in the one or two kinds of help them keep warm so but yeah just basic long sleeve that’s what you’re looking for protect the arms and you know kind of try to look cool if you came to move them 

Chest Protector

A chest protector is one of my old Chester structures that’s made its way into our learn-to-ride. Usually when I am riding I’m not in a chest protector and that’s something that I’m working on I need to probably wear them all the time but in my mind, we’re doing stuff it’s really slow and in strategic so chest protectors I think is a must for 99.9% of people and we’re seeing more pros wear chest protectors.

You can wear them on the outside of your Jersey you can put them on the inside of your Jersey. if you want to keep the Jersey cool factor going so this is like a Kevlar it’s based on a bull riding vest the idea behind this Kevlar system is that say handlebar hits in one spot it disperses this energy out. instead of putting a lot of pressure, it just kind of moves it out and that’s what’s supposed to keep you from getting stuck or breaking a lot of ribs.

Plastic Chest Protector

Then there’s another type of chest protector which is just your basic plastic chest protector it’s gonna be a little cheaper not to say that it can’t do just as good of a job but it’s missing a little side protection here that the other one has and I wear these sometimes I wear those sometimes I don’t prefer one over the other but I do say that you should probably wear a chest protector 


Gloves I wear and the feel of them these are fast house gloves I like a thinner glove I don’t like a lot of space between me and the bike the idea behind gloves is one to protect yourself from getting big blisters on your hands and also protect from roost and other things that could come up off of other bikes or when you crash so gloves are a necessity.

Lower body Protective Gear


These pants are just your basic riding pant there’s nothing too crazy about them.  They put leather on the inside of the knee here to protect you from the heat of the bike and also from getting holes rubbed on the side the of your knee braces you don’t want to burn yourself you don’t want to scratch your knees up and you need something to hold your knee braces and your knee pads in place so pants are good you should always wear pants, people, while you’re riding something important because I grew up this way and it was hard for us to go buy brand new motocross gear there are multiple ways to find that you can find tons of used motocross gear on the Internet these days but just make sure if you can’t get to it get a long-sleeve t-shirt that you may have in your closet in blue jeans and that will be sufficient to kind of get started.

Knee protection

knee protection is very important I learned it the hard way I was young I didn’t wear any protection crack kneecap right in half I know as a beginner I don’t even really know there were knee pads. 

So here we are to help you guys from cracking your kneecaps there are two different routes you can go if you have your basic which is a much cheaper route your basic protection which is going to be a little cup a little shin guard velcro straps strap it around and it’s gonna go underneath your pants it’s another little mistake that we see often people will put that on top of their pants and you know obviously there’s some risk that they could like get ripped off or just kind of look silly too.

knee braces

Knee braces are good for many reasons they protect you not only from protection but they protect you from hyperextension and then also side-to-side stuff so with your legs and your feet hit the ground often I’m sure you guys have experienced that, I strongly suggest knee braces there are people out there that say knee braces aren’t good just because it limits your natural range of motion and your knee it’s something that you determine I prefer knee braces.


Socks I want you guys to understand you don’t want to wear your regular low top sock while you’re riding and the reason for that is there’s a lot of nastiness going on the side of your riding gear and also you want something high enough I prefer over the kneecap to protect yourself from you to know the straps that come lose the velcro the stuff that can rub you raw you’re also squeezing the bike so just have a little material in between your leg and the bike always helps so think about trying to get maybe some thigh high socks really helpful with the actual knee brace because the strap goes all the way up to the very top of the brace so we don’t have any here because they’re all dirty. 

Riding Boots

The helmet you don’t want to skimp on your boot right this is something that’s protecting what you use to get around daily right so if your ankle is that risk and you have a real flimsy boot that doesn’t have any protection not gonna be good long-term especially if you’re learning to jump in your case and over the jump trying to get through that make sure you buy a good set of boots. There are a bunch of great brands but just don’t skimp on your boots or your Customizable Dirt Bike Helmets people it’s very important hope this helps a lot. 

hope this leads you in a more safe riding direction if you did enjoy this we always have more blogs over here you can subscribe to our blog which will be greatly appreciated.

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