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Beta Explorer 2024 E-Moto Electric Dirt Bike: A Comprehensive First Impression

Embracing the scenic beauty of Ohio, I recently had the opportunity to test ride the all-new Beta Explorer 2024 electric dirt bike, courtesy of Pony Powers Sports. This beta version promises an exciting blend of innovation and performance, catering to off-road enthusiasts eager to experience the thrill of an electric-powered dirt bike.

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As we delve into the unique features of the Beta Explorer 2024, it’s essential to appreciate the diverse landscape of dirt biking. If you’re looking for a guide to another exceptional dirt bike, the Honda CRF110 stands out as a reliable companion for riders of all levels, offering its own set of distinctive attributes.

Design and Build:

The Beta Explorer 2024 boasts a robust build with a 19-inch front wheel and an 18-inch rear wheel. The bike’s physical size is comparable to that of a big wheel 80 or 85, offering a comfortable ride for riders of various sizes. The swing arm design, with the pivot concentric with the motor, minimizes chain torque, resulting in a stable and planted feel, particularly when tackling challenging terrains.

Suspension and Handling:

Equipped with 200mm of front and rear travel, the suspension system provides ample support for tackling rough trails. The long swing arm ensures the bike stays grounded on inclines, preventing unwarranted wheelies. The suspension settings are customizable with 16 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment, offering riders the flexibility to tailor the bike’s performance to their preferences.

Brakes and Tires:

The dirt bike features mountain bike-style brakes that offer reliable stopping power. The 4-piston brakes are responsive, providing adequate control in various conditions. The tire setup, with a 70×100 width at the front and 90×100 at the rear, contributes to the bike’s stability. However, the proximity of the rear tire to the chain limits options for larger tire sizes.

Power and Performance:

The heart of the Beta Explorer 2024 lies in its electric motor, delivering approximately 6 kilowatts in rabbit mode. The bike exhibits a strong initial surge, reminiscent of its gas-powered counterparts, with an additional 10-second burst of impressive power in rocket mode. The weight of around 100-150 lbs adds a bit more heft compared to some competitors, but the performance remains commendable.

Battery and Quick Change Feature:

The battery, weighing around 30 lbs, is conveniently located, allowing for quick and easy removal with a simple wing nut mechanism. Beta offers a quick-change feature, enhancing convenience during longer rides. While the battery life and power delivery are impressive, the limitation of the rocket mode to 10 seconds may leave riders craving more sustained bursts of power.

Controls and Start-up Mechanism:

The Beta Explorer incorporates a safety feature where both brake levers must be engaged to start the motor. While this adds a layer of safety, it can be a bit tricky during cornering, as engaging the brakes halts the motor. This feature, though potentially adjustable, may require some getting used to for seasoned dirt bike riders.

Comfort and Customization:

Comfort is a key aspect of any dirt bike, and the Beta Explorer doesn’t disappoint. With an adjustable seat and customizable foot peg positions, riders can tailor the bike to their liking. The seat design, reminiscent of a regular dirt bike, enhances overall comfort, and the bike’s ergonomics cater to a variety of rider preferences.

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Rating Table for Beta Explorer 2024:

MetricRating (Out of 5)⭐
Features4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Control3 ⭐⭐⭐
Reliability4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Comfort4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Overall Rating4.3 ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Note: Ratings are subjective and based on the initial impression. Subsequent rides and user feedback may influence these ratings over time.
Unique Features of Beta Explorer 2024 Electric Dirt Bike
1. Electric Powertrain: Cutting-edge electric motor delivering approximately 6 kilowatts, providing a strong initial surge and an additional 10-second burst in rocket mode.
2. Quick Change Battery: Conveniently located battery with a quick-change feature, allowing riders to easily swap out the battery during longer rides for extended playtime.
3. Concentric Swing Arm Pivot: Minimizes chain torque from the motor, ensuring a stable and planted feel during acceleration, particularly on challenging terrains.
4. Adjustable Suspension: 200mm of front and rear travel with 16 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment, offering customizable suspension settings for a personalized riding experience.
5. Brake-Start Safety Mechanism: Requires engagement of both brake levers to start the motor, adding a safety feature that can be adjusted for individual rider preferences.
6. Comfortable Ergonomics: Adjustable seat and customizable foot peg positions, catering to various rider sizes and preferences, with a seat design reminiscent of a regular dirt bike for enhanced comfort.
7. Stealthy and Quiet Operation: Electric power ensures a quiet and stealthy operation, allowing riders to explore nature without disturbing the peace.
8. 10-Second Rocket Mode: A burst of impressive power in rocket mode, providing an exhilarating experience for riders, although limited to 10 seconds for battery efficiency.
9. Mountain Bike-Style Brakes: Reliable 4-piston brakes with mountain bike-style design, offering responsive stopping power in various riding conditions.
10. Customizable Controls: Rabbit and turtle modes for power control, allowing riders to choose between a standard mode and a more energy-efficient mode based on their riding preferences.


The Beta Explorer 2024 electric dirt bike offers a promising combination of power, performance, and innovative features. While some aspects, such as the brake-start mechanism, may pose a learning curve, the bike’s overall design and capabilities make it an exciting addition to the electric dirt bike market. As the electric dirt bike landscape evolves, Beta has certainly made a compelling entry with the Explorer 2024.

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