7 essential dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

Wanna become a skillful sand dunes dirt biker? Here are 7 dirt bike sand riding tips for you.

Wanna become a skillful sand dunes dirt biker? Here are 7 dirt bike sand riding tips for you.

The dirt bike sand dunes riding tips and tricks are important to know, it will be difficult for you to ride dirt bikes in sand because it requires keenness and cleverness. Trust me, most people don’t find riding dirt bike sand that much amusing or enjoyable because of a lack of confidence. When you put in the right procedures and techniques, you’ll be astonished at how good you would be then. 

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In this blog, I have discussed some of the basic essential dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks if you are planning to ride a bike.

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

7 essential dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks:

Following are the tips for riding dirt bike in sand:

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

1. Maintaining the power of the bike:

Whenever you are riding a dirt sand bike you should always be dependent on a constant power source. Your risk to get stuck in the sand increases whenever you ease off fuel and slow down. In sandy area momentum of your bike is your companion. The more slowly you go the more sand your bikes move and displace and the less efficiently you will move and travel.


2. Replacing the tires of the bike:

You are fooling yourself if you think that you would ride like a professional or expert with so-called burnished and smooth road tires. The tires of your bike should be made up of a specific material so that they can easily move through the sand. You have to reduce the pressure of the tires so that they can easily move across the sandy area. Even smooth sidewalls indicate inconvenience while riding in sand.

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

3. Carry more fuel with yourself:

Dirt bike riding in sand areas requires more fuel and energy in normal circumstances because the sandy surface is not the appropriate surface for riding a dirt sand bike. So you must have enough fuel whenever you are out riding.

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

4. Keep yourself hydrated: 

You should always carry with you some extra fluids whenever you are out for riding if you are a resident of a hot environment. It’s not only about you being hydrated, it could also put your life in danger. This is important to keep yourself hydrated. Here hydrating yourself is not the only consideration. Moving through the wet sandy area will give you a clean and efficient ride. So it’s totally up to you to follow these dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks.

5. Place yourself backward:

You all want to maintain weight force towards the rear wheel as much as you can. Placing yourself backward is what most riders do but adjusting your weight is the most important thing. If you want that your front tire of the bike doesn’t sink but slide on the sand you have to apply less pressure on it. Adjusting your position before getting into trouble is the best way to take yourself out of the sand.

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

6. Less Use of clutches:

While driving on sand, the bike clutch should be a switch (on/off). Using a clutch on the sandy area acts as a kill switch while riding a bike. Using fewer clutches or no clutch depends on the type of ride, bike, or sand. By practicing biking you will become used to the bike. If you abruptly back off the throttle, your bike will accelerate.

7. More Practice, More Perfection:

The only way to get control over your dirt bike is by practicing one of the basic dirt bike sand riding tips. Going out and experiencing is the only way to get perfection in dirt biking. No advice or tip is useful for you to detect a change in the consistency of the sand under your bike or a method of when to shift the weight of the body while traveling on the sand dunes.

Adjusting the Suspension system of the dirt sand bike:

To make improvements to your bike, you just need to adjust the suspensions of the bike. For this, you don’t need any of the technicians

1. Changing Oil:

As the engine operates it will make the oil hot and would break down very quickly. So it’s important to change the oil before riding on it so that it can provide the maximum lubrication. You should replace it after the sand ride.

dirt bike sand riding tips

2. Jetting: 

Having jets in your bike is very necessary to get the maximum fuel if your bike contains a carburetor. For this, you have to increase the size of the jet and the needle clip.

Keeping the throttle open in the sandy area you don’t need to change the pilot jet..

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

3. Clean the air filter:

After every ride, you should clean the air filter even if they don’t get dirty. If sand enters the engine of your bike it will get stuck to the parts of the engine and you will need a repair your engine. 


4. Radiator:

Flushing the radiator coolant before hitting the sand is a great idea. This is important to reduce the temperature of the heated engine and to enhance the efficiency of the cooling system. 

5. The rest of your bike:

As the nature of the sand is harsh and abrasive the parts of the bike like brake pads, chains, etc. are greatly affected by sand. 

Always use dry waxy non-fling-type of chains to repel the sand

6. Washing your bike:

Every time you come home after taking a ride you should wash your bike thoroughly. Furthermore, you should spray your bike with WD40 to protect the parts of the bike from rust. 

dirt bike sand riding tips

What are the best sand riding gears?

1.Safety helmet

First things first, a safety helmet is the foremost thing you should give priority to. It is stated as a law in several countries to wear a protective helmet while driving. So before gearing up you should look for rules. This would be one of the best and finest dirt bike sand riding tips anyone could give you. Most of the time people wear the typical dirt bike helmet but you can also wear any kind of helmet you want.

dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks

2. Safety Goggles Protection:

Another dirt bike sand riding tip that in my opinion is considered important is wearing eye protection. Tiny little sand grains will be getting through the gap of your sunglasses if you’re using them.

For some extra protection, you need not worry, there is a specific goggles made for this purpose. The basic reason for wearing these protections is that during the peak time of noon, your vision would be severely hampered by sun rays which can lead to unfortunate incidents.

3. The Fresh Air Network:

Many people don’t want themselves to be extravagant. But what if we tell you that for a reasonable price you can attain a helmet, eye protection, and fresh air by just buying a single thing? Yes, you’ve heard it right the AF-1 Full face mask will aid you at its best. A prevention layer is coated on the air pump which gives you fresh air to take in.

4. Dust Prevention:

Playing and riding in the sand dunes is fun, but at the end of the day, you won’t stop rubbing yourself against the tiny dirt particles which are very irritating. Its full arm and leg length plays a major role in keeping the dirt particles away from your body and keeping you clean.


dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks


Till now we have discussed some of the basic and essential dirt bike sand riding tips and tricks. Following these, you will become a pro rider. From the tips to the protective gear, everything has been discussed. Now go and get your dirt sand bike and polish your skills. So, riding in dirt sand bike is a very thrilling experience for all. 

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