Off Road Sitting And Standing Positions for Dirt Bikers

Sitting and standing positions for dirt bikers


The sitting and standing positions for dirt bikers are of the great concern which people sometime neglect and ignore. Ever dreamt of speeding in a construction area at 130 kilometers per hour, unfamiliar with what terrain is waiting for you? Either you could accelerate away and be fine or you could be involved in a terrible accident. That’s the fever pitch you get when you get on a dirt bike. It is a very thrilling, exciting sport. But if you are a beginner rider and want to know more about how to ride a dirt bike? we recommend to read basic tips of riding a dirt bike.

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Riding a dirt bike is the ultimate adrenaline rush. It may be a little different than other forms of riding. It’s not like riding a bike on a flat surface. Instead, you are riding on a fairly steep surface, which includes lots of turning and cornering. This blog will look at the different riding positions and the posture that should be adhered to when on a dirt bike. Some tips for not getting hurt while dirt bike riding are to get the correct posture, positioning and use of proper protective gear. These are tips for anyone wanting to avoid the risk of injury when riding a dirt bike.

off road sitting and standing positions for dirt bikers


Among the principal abilities, you should practice and learn is standing on dirt bike during mountain biking, even if you are an experienced road rider mastering to ride off-ride or completely up to date to dirt biking. Standing position while riding makes you look cooler and permits you to straighten your legs-it would surely keep you stable. I would recommend attempting to stand on dirt bike while riding off-road as much as you can for you to get used to it. Standing position while riding would seem awkward and unusual. With enough practice and learning, it surely would become a habit.

What, When, and Where

A query you might have, which is not an easy one to figure out, is “when should I stand up?” At the earliest mud signals? Well, no as it’s not that effortless to answer in a black and white sense since no such landscape and terrain is that simple and sophisticated. You have to practice interpreting the terrain and acknowledge what’s difficult and what’s not. If you think the correspondence of bike-to-you is tossing towards the bike, then stand up.

One thing you observe every time is that people who’re practicing to ride off-road usually stand up when the situation is easy but as they see a sharp turn they sit back. When you’re riding down towards a large, broad and easy gravel thoroughfare where’s there enough time to observe, think and seem relaxed, well, then it’s ok to sit back, sail along and be at ease on the dirt bike.

However, when you come to a condition where you cannot utterly catch sight of what’s happening, where the landscape becomes a little more technical, where the areas off-cambered or you can’t get a glimpse of what’s around it, then you push yourself up on the pegs, stable on the bike and get yourself sorted out with it.


Dirt bike standing up methodology

There’s a clear spot for the footrest to go on the condition that you observe the sole of your boot. Don’t point your toes aiming towards the wind and don’t stand either too long way ahead or too far back on your pegs. The standing on dirt bike on your feet is hard but not that stiff and rigid. You should have your legs and knees as straight as you can, neither that much hard locked nor that much soft so that you can move to keep yourself stable as the landscape and terrain do not remain the same.

Usually, that’s one knee that is bending and sometimes it’s both however site you have to move to keep yourself balanced and stable. Don’t grasp the bike with your knees and do not ever let yourself gulped into hunched position else your thighs would quickly get exhausted.

Sitting and standing positions for dirt bikersWhile maintaining the standing position on dirt bike you have to remember one thing that when you push yourself up to stand you need to ease up your grip to allow your wrists to come around up. The perfect spot for your hands plus wrists is up to your shoulders. Like we said earlier there shouldn’t be any wedge in this position which is stiff but to a great degree, your hands and wrists should not get tired. If yes, you’re doing something invalid.


Maintaining the sitting position on dirt bike while riding is the most common position for many people around the globe. You are preserving most of your vigorousness while sitting and have less interval to fall if unfortunately, you crash. Commonly, you sit back when you are steering long and fairly smooth sections. Slipping back on the seat while sitting on dirt bike would aid with speeding up as well.

As a consequence of increased weight over the back tire, the grip would be enhanced. When you imagine being seated during an off-road ride, think of leveled track racers and their capability to speed up in a short time.


The procedure of positioning yourself while sitting on a dirt bike:

  • Locate the balls under your feet on the pegs
  • Make sure to aim your toes inward
  • Make your knees slightly bent while adjusting the sitting position.
  • Your back should be undeviating with your butt backward
  • Your elbows should be a bit upwards while maintaining the sitting position.
  • Both your arms and your wrists should be aligned with levers as well as bars
  • You should always look ahead with your head up

Where you should sit on the seat of a dirt bike?

It is immensely essential to practice how to stand up while riding a mountain bike, however, you’re going to sit back several times either to gain more control or preserve energy. The spot where you sit can make a big dissimilarity in your self-reliance while driving off-road. It’s trouble-free to lose friction on a certain area if you’re being seated in the wrong spot. When going through a corner, you have to brake early.

While decelerating you want to be seated on the back of the seat so that your legs can occupy the bulk of the exertion of your body attempting to push forward. Afterward, you want to be done with slowing down and moving ahead towards the seat in usual circumstances – the more slithery the landscape, the farther forward you desire to be.


In the above-given article, some of the principal points and the procedure of sitting and standing positions for dirt bikers which will surely aid you to become a skillful rider. Following the above guidelines will reduce the hazard and risk of any mishap or accident

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