How to Ride a Dirt Bike? An Ultimate Beginners Guide - Dirt Bike Riding Gear

How to Ride a Dirt Bike? An Ultimate Beginners Guide

How to Ride a Dirt Bike? An Ultimate Beginners Guide

How to ride a dirt bike? in 3 easy steps

In spite of watching videos on YouTube and watching your buddies tear up the tracks, you have no idea how to ride a dirt bike? Well you have landed in a right place because this blog post will help you guide how to ride a dirt bike in a proper way.

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It can be a little intimidating to climb on a dirt bike for the first time, but keep in mind that the bike will only do what you tell it to. With the right knowledge and practice, you’ll be able to mount the dirt bike and ride off without any problems. But if you get it wrong, you’ll find it difficult to even start the bike.

We’ll cover everything in this post and we’re going to teach you guys how to ride a dirt bike riding gear? in easy steps.


So let’s get started, 

Step 1

We’re gonna go over all the controls on the bike and have you guys familiar before you even get on your own.

Step 2 

Is the most important part for control is really knowing how to use the clutch one engages and smoothly releasing

Step 3 

Which is also a really important component is shifting the bike and slowing it down with the brakes.


Let’s Go.

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Front brake on the right side of the dirt bike

The front brake is on the right side of the bike, as seen from the rider’s seated position. During your initial learning phase, take extreme caution when applying this brake. The front brake will be incredibly responsive and sharp,if you press it a little hard it will simply start locking up the front wheel and send the vehicle sliding. By simply tightening the bolt and turning it to the desired position, you may move this lever into a position that best suits your reach and preferences.


Dirt bike throttle on the right side

On the right, you’ll also find the twist grip throttle. Before starting the engine, turn the throttle to ensure that it closes and snaps shut. There is nothing more irritating than a stuck throttle, which could also be risky if it happens while you’re riding!


How to ride a dirt bike? Using a clutch

For starting the vehicle and changing gears, you’ll need to use the clutch lever, which is on the left side. Adjust it to a position that is convenient and easy to reach from the riding posture, much like you would with the brake lever.

Kill Button

Kill button on the left side of the dirt bike

To turn off the engines instantly there is a Kill button that is located on the handlebars.

Always Check whether your bike is on Neutral

Make sure the dirt bike is not in gear before you attempt to start it. It will attempt to advance by jumping if you try to start it in gear. A kick start engine will be more difficult to start because the clutch will always lag slightly. Electric start motors can be started while in gear by holding the clutch lever in.

To find neutral, push the gear selector down through the gears approximately five times with your toe while it is on the left side of the vehicle, in front of the foot peg.

As you press the lever, it will always return to the middle position because it is spring-loaded.

To check whether the dirt bike is in neutral position, roll the bike back and forth until it rolls. If it doesn’t roll, or if the back wheel locks, repeat the process.

Step 1: Putting the Dirt bike into First Gear

Putting the dirt bike into first gear requires pulling the clutch lever up all the way to the handlebar grip and pressing down on the gear selector. A click will sound as the gear is selected.

It is now safe to release the clutch and start the bike moving forward. However, don’t let it go too far, as this may cause the engine to stall. In the most extreme case, the bike may be wheelie and you will fall off behind it.

Shifting gear technique of the dirt bike

After twisting the throttle a little, slowly release the clutch lever. The clutch will begin to bite, and the bike will begin to move. Keep your revs high enough to prevent stalling the engine, but not so high that you’re riding the clutch, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear.

your kill switch will be on your left hand I’m not sure that most of you guys will have that but if you do it’s on your left hand and It will help you start the bike.

Step 2 : Clutch and its Functionality

We’re going to explain the clutch in its functionality. This is gonna keep you the safest and the most calm. You won’t surprise yourself if you take your time on this step, study this step as it is important.  Anytime the bikes running and in gear the clutch needs to be in so if you’re new to this and you’ve never been on a bike this thing’s got to be in any time the bikes in here big pieces is when you’re ready to go is letting it out extremely slow until you feel the bike is moving which is what we call the point of engagement, and then pull it back in and then practice that point of engagement a few times that’s really help you feel comfortable and not surprised yourself into one of early bike crashes.

Step 3: Shifting gears on a Dirt Bike 

You’ll be prepared to shift into a higher gear to pick up speed once you’re satisfied with your clutch and throttle control. Put the dirt bike in first gear and begin to advance. Your speed will rise as the rpm do, so you’ll need to gauge when to shift gears by paying attention to the engine’s tone.

Soon, with experience and practice, you’ll be able to sense when to shift into a different gear. The dirt bike is often ready to shift into second gear when it is moving at a speed of 15 to 20 MPH.

At this point we need to understand how to slow this beast down. You need to be comfortable with your braking and also just taking your time with it.

Rare brake on the right side of the dirt bike

Stay in first gear until you’re really comfortable there then we load up the second gear it’s just a nice smooth Swift you know pull with your toe and then on this side it’s pushing with your toe and then just a little bit of front brake, you really have to know your surface in order to be okay with your front brake there’s a lot of times that people give the front brake too hard right off the bat and tuck the front end.

Now its your time to Ride!

At this point you have learnt how to ride a dirt bike in the best possible way, I am also sharing a video to help get a better understanding of it. Also remember it’s always important to first practice and develop the skills gradually. There are lots of skills to learn so learn one step at a time and Always wear dirt bike riding gear for your protection and safety.

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