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How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Dirt Bike Boots?

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Dirt Bike Boots?

Dirt biking nowadays comes with a huge responsibility of protecting over selves from head to toe. The protective gears like dirt bike boots, helmets, knee pads, goggles, gloves etc. play this role. The dirt bike boots not only protect our feet but also provide protection and comfort to our feet and legs.

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Nowadays many brands in the market are making many types of dirt bike boots. Such types of boots have many features like waterproofing, protection, comfort, etc. 

In this article, we will be discussing what features should be present in dirt bike boots and how to choose the boots wisely.

choosing the perfect pair of dirt bike boots

How to select the best size of dirt bike boots? 

Whenever you are out to buy dirt bike boots you should be very careful and vigilant. The first thing you should consider while buying dirt bike boots is size. Before buying pair of shoes first confirm the size that is written on the shoe label. There are different shoe sizes i.e. US, UK, and EUR. So make sure to take note of the sizing scale. 


If you are not confirmed with the printed labeled size then you can convert it according to your choice. The conversion scale is given along the shoe. 


Moreover, whatever shoe number you wear your normal shoe, make sure you should buy one size larger Dirt bike boots. For example, if your shoe size is 40 EUR then you must buy a 41EUR shoe size because it will fit you the best. You should try multiple pairs of boots to find the best one. 


For more accuracy first, measure your feet length from the back of your feet to the toe then measure it from the available size chart. The most important point while buying dirt bike boots is your comfort. The show must fit you and protect your feet. If you have a larger boot size then fix them by wearing 2 pairs of socks and tightening the buckle.  

selecting the best fit dirt bike boots

Providing Protection to your feet:

This is the most important aspect of dirt bike boots whenever you are buying them. 

Before you are buying a pair of shoes, you must look at the protective features of dirt bike boots. When we talk about the protection of boots we are talking about the material from which they are made. The more durable and strong the material the more comfort it will provide. 


Moreover, when buying dirt bike boots it should be according to the type of ride and trail. For off-road riding trails, the boots should provide you with grip and friction. If you are riding your bike on an easy track then you should be buying lighter shoe pairs. If your feet are not protected then you have to face many problems and injuries while riding on a dirt bike ankle twisting, sprained ankle, etc. 


Dirt bike boots prevent you from the following injuries that are why you should know the importance of dirt bike boots. 

  1. Sprained Ankle
  2. Broken leg
  3. Rotation on the ankle 
  4. Losing Control
dirt bike boots provide protection on off-road trails

Durable and long-lasting

Whatever you are buying anything it should be durable and long-lasting. If talking about dirt bike boots, they should be made from strong and sturdy material. 

Dirt bike boots face a lot of wear and tear during their lifetime so try to find a pair that last long and protect you for a longer period. Try shoes from different brands and manufacturers and choose the best one. 


The online reviews and suggestions will help you find the best pair of shoes. On the website pages of the different brands, you will find the online reviews of the different articles. 

Sometimes big brands betray you and the product of the local brand turns out the best so choose wisely. 

durable and long lasting dirt bike boots

Other Consideration:

1. Molded Soles vs Stitched Soles:

The molded soles of dirt bikes boots are the new trend. There are many positive and negative aspects of such soles. the molded are very lightweight and easy to carry and handle. On the other hand, the stitched sole has its own positive ad negative aspects. Many manufacturing companies prefer molded soles over the stitched sole. But in the end you have to make choice.

molded soles vs stitched soles

2. The Buckle System:

The buckle system of the dirt bike boots is very essential for a good ride. The buckle system of the dirt bike boot is designed in such a way that you don’t need to readjust it when you are off to ride.The high-end boots have alloy buckles and plastic buckles sometimes. So if you are buying boots with plastic buckles make sure you can replace them once they break.

dirt bike boots should be of proper size and fit

3. Weight of the dirt bike boots

The weight of the dirt bike boots is also an important consideration. It should not feel like you are carrying two cement blocks. While choosing the best size of boots also keep in mind the weight of the boots. 

Select some lightweight boots that are easy to carry and manageable. Heavy boots will not be comfortable for you. You will not have a smooth ride with such boots so choose wisely. 

4.  Stretch Gaiter:

So the boots should be equipped with stretch gaiters to prevent the entry of water or dirt inside the die bike boots. Having stretch gaiters around your boots that seal the closure to the third buckle level will keep the dirt and filth out of the boots.

stretch gaiters

5. Inner Ankle Padding:

The interior padding is very essential for dirt bike boots. There should be water-absorbing and antimicrobial fabric inside the shoes to prevent the growth of microbes. There should be an air mesh living inside the shoes to keep the feet dry and cool. there should be replaceable soles inside the boots.

6. Leather Uppers

The leather is covering the upper part of the boot exposing it to dirt and sunlight. This will keep the shoes protected from the heat and provide you the better grip over your bike.

dirt bike boots features

7. The Slim-Toe Box

If the toe box of the dirt bike boots will be heavy and bulky then it will be difficult to slide below the gear level.
Then you will have to adjust the shifter on the spline of brake to make space for the new shoes.

toe box of the dirt bike boots


In this article, certain things are discussed regarding the selection of dirt bike boots. Taking the time to find the right dirt bike boots can make a big difference in your comfort and safety on the trails. Consider fit, protection level, and durability when selecting a pair.

Keeping in mind these things will help you in the selection of dirt bike boots. 

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