6 commonly followed dirt bike riding techniques

6 commonly followed dirt bike riding techniques

The below-given dirt bike riding techniques and tips are exceptional spots to initiate your never-ending journey to become a good and better rider. Until and unless you’ve fully contended with your contemporary capabilities and skill set on the bike. 

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I would recommend that to make yourself much better by getting help with these tips and start taking advice from other professional dirt bikers. In my opinion, the best thing I’ve seen is that many riders and dirt bikers, to improve more and more, ask for several dirt bike riding techniques from pro dirt bikers. 

Moreover, if your level of riding a dirt bike is not really where you desired to be, then of course there will be dirt bike riding techniques for you to take aid from for your improvement.

Not only this, professional dirt bikers themselves teach novice riders to focus more on the methodology than over-speeding. They say that if you’ve worked completely on the technique and get it right, speeding would automatically become second nature.


dirt bike riding techniques

1. Start your journey on the right bike

Are you a novice dirt bike rider? Then obviously you need to initiate your journey of dirt biking out with the right bike which won’t flip you over the rock. Many beginners start with bikes like 300cc 2 stroke, etc. 

They think that it would be effortless and they can get with it. Their imagination can be the reason for their unfortunate death. Many people think that they can shift between every gear without hesitation. 

I can even give you a visual of what happens if newbies get on the wrong bike. They think they could bear the power of shifting gears. Now they also get on a single track, where the huge torque is more than enough. 

This can result in their hands being exhausted plus the situation gets worse when it gets harder to tug the clutch. Usually now in this situation, they try to decelerate, and OOPS, their failed try of hitting the brakes is of no use as the bike is out of control plus you’ve just hit 200 and stroke into a bunch of trees

dirt bike riding techniques

2. You should pay a visit to a domestic trail ride

For sure there is no other substitution for one’s distinctive experience, but wait a minute, there is another method to aid kickstart your career. You should find yourself a local trail and go there to practice at the weekend or whenever you want. This is the most effective dirt bike riding technique. 

The local Trail rider’s communities are often very inviting which would surely aid to answer your questions on your mind. Print this thing on your mind that you’re aiming for and headed towards a very positive and tranquil direction after all! And the best part is that you can also make friends and meet new riders there. If you’re more of an introvert and shy, it would be great if you bring a friend with you.

dirt bike riding techniques

3. Adjust your controls

Other dirt bike riding techniques include is to control of the bike i.e. the shift shaft, bake rear pedal, clutch, handle (steering), and brake shaft. A very drastic change in comfort during riding is observed if we straightforwardly change the height and inclination of every control. The dirt bike riding technique I would prefer is to change or alter the controls only once at a time until and unless you’re satisfied with it as many of them are distinctive partiality.

dirt bike riding techniques

4. Adjust the height of your seat

Maintain your standing and sitting position on your dirt bike. Despite your height, there are many various procedures to make your bike better and better for yourself. Whenever I ride the dirt bike, I lower the seat or cockpit’s height so It would be easy for me to reach the ground even with 1 foot, as the dirt bike is way taller than me. On the contrary, if you’re too tall for a dirt bike, again it isn’t a big issue. You can make much room for yourself by adjusting and modifying the seat. 

dirt bike riding techniques

5. Regulating some of the suspension constituents

I am sure that you’ve heard that one of the basic dirt bike riding techniques is altering and adjusting the suspension. It results in a very dramatic change in the average speed of the bike and fuel consumption. 

But the main thing to understand is when to send your bike to a tuner so that he can tune the suspension. Some beginners, whenever they buy a new bike, always send it for tuning, which is completely wrong. Having good knowledge about your bike’s suspension can save a bulk amount of money of yours. But you have to undergo a few things. 

Unlike other vehicles, the dirt bike does not need any specific tools and equipment. The only thing you need is forbearance and concern as it would surely take several rounds and many mistakes to experience actual improvement. You would’ve desired to try this thing ages ago once you properly feel the change and difference between the handling and stabilization of the bike while riding. 

6. You have to maintain your bike

Other than a serious injury, there is nothing really bad then your bike which broke while riding, while you’ve spent so much time and money on it. You’ve spent hours for its better presentation, for its loading up the trailer for starting this career, wasting all that money on the gas and petrol. 

One of the dirt bike riding techniques you should follow before riding a bike is that you should warm up it first, oil the chain, wear the safety gear, and assure you have enough supplies in case of an emergency. Also, recheck the amount of gas in the tank. One of the main things is the tire pressure, after which all is well.

dirt bike riding techniques

In a nutshell

In the given above article, some of the basic dirt bike riding techniques have been talked about which many beginners and novice dirt bike riders avoid or ignore, digging their graves. 

By following dirt bike riding techniques, I hope from the deepest of my heart that you become a professional dirt bike rider. Moreover, to reduce the chance of any unfortunate accidents, kindly note down and print these tips in your mind. 

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