4 most common mistakes while riding a dirt bike: Ways to avoid them

Making mistakes is the first step towards learning. Once a wise man said that a person always learns great from his oversight, but it’s also preferable to acquire knowledge from mistakes that other people make.

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Mastering authentic riding methods and techniques surely won’t make you a greater and better rider but will result in making the procedure or process to be more effortless. It’s far better to attain the expertise rather than seeking it later onwards when you’ve built bad and poor habits thus far.

You also have to start from somewhere as there are various ways and steps you can follow to become a pro rider. Hence, without stepping into more trouble, we present to you some of the top oversights and mistakes beginners make. You must also learn some of the basic dirt bike tips if you are a beginner. We do also recommend to view these common dirt bikes mistakes too.

1.The Position of your body

Your Knees should squeeze the fuel tank

As said, your Knees should be pressing the fuel container/tank of the dirt bike. It is very essential while you are standing. Pressing the bike with your knees will aid you in lining up your body position and in the rise of your body’s overall control of the dirt bike.

Avoid making the mistakes that people commonly do while maintaining their body position.

Your elbows should be at a right angle and be up

Might be the most essential body position to sustain while dirt biking. You lose control to a greater extent of the dirt bike or the capability to navigate barriers and hurdles on the condition that your elbows are at your sides. The strongest angle in the range is a right or 90-degree angle.

You have far more control of your mountain bike as long as you extend your elbows permitting them to be in such a vertical position that they are along the handlebars.

It will let your biceps muscles, forearms, and shoulders have a major steer to the dirt bike. By the time more practicing will create a bulky amount of strength and stamina but you should always keep this thing in your mind that your elbows must be up


Your feet balls should be placed on the foot pegs

You must keep your feet balls on the foot pegs of your dirt bike and should slip your feet ahead that much to outstretch the shift shaft and rear brake shaft. A beginner always finds it difficult to get used to the rear brake and will make mistakes and blunders. But this is also one of the steps in the learning process.

Your right foot must be near enough so you don’t have to pick your foot up and prospectively decelerate. Your feet above the left peg should be able to upshift and down-shift the gears.


You must sit forward at the seat

The center of mass of the body on the dirt bike is up above the motor. This is the spot where you can keep the dirt bikes for tires grounded. Better body position will considerably increase your control and decrease the burden on your body resulting from bad placement.

Try your best to make a deliberate effort to memorize and work on all these fundamental points until they become a part of your practice. 

dirt bike riding techniques

2. Always wear the right gear

Protection or safety gear must be worn when riding a dirt bike. Many beginners always show off their skills and abilities without wearing safety gear, especially a helmet. The consequences are very hazardous as they can lead to serious injuries in the body mainly in the head (skull).

Your mistakes can be life-threatening and may cause serious injures. The headgear or helmet is the most important gear for a bike rider especially when you’re dirt biking as it plays the lead role in safeguarding your head from several sharp, hard, and stiff objects.

Many dirt bikers choose baggy clothes, T-shirts, jeans, and stuff while riding. You should at least wear a stiff solid pair of shoes, some good quality gloves, and protective guards for your knees.

A general guideline for your protection is to never get on the bike until and unless you’re fully dressed and have worn the right and suitable gear for an accident. Avoid making mistakes while choosing the right attire. First, take guidance and then go to by them.

3.  Know-how of using clutch properly

One of the most important expertise and skill to learn to become a good dirt biker is to know how to properly use the clutch and its control. Many of the new riders gain knowledge of clutch control and its use and then quickly move on to riding at high speed.

Decelerating and taking extra time to have the feel and know-how of the clutch will take most of your time in your riding career. When riding a difficult one-way track, the actual and bona fide way of using and controlling the clutch is very important.

How to ride a dirt bike? Using a clutch

4. Have a great balance over the bike

Have you ever ridden a dirt bike before now? Surely then you would know how it feels when you undergo an accident. There is a lot of difference between riding a 2-wheeler and riding a 4-wheeler. But hang on, what’s the interesting part, the faster you go, the easier it is to handle.

So it means that when riding fast, you don’t need to worry about handling, no? Yes but until your balance loses off. A devastating accident just needs the bike to hit a small rock. It is a lot common to not practice and learn clutch control a lot. Riding slowly at the beginning would help you when you get in danger while driving faster afterward.


4 possible mistakes while riding a dirt bike-Ways to avoid them


In the above-given article, some of the very common, usual, and repeated mistakes have been talked about which usually novice dirt bike riders make to show off and save money. I hope that you guys must have learned some informative things today so must follow these instructions and guidelines to reduce the risk of accidents. Now its your time to show some trilling maneuver but avoiding all the possible mistakes and by sticking to the safety measures.

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