best 10 electric dirt bikes: A new trend of bikes

10 best electric dirt bikes 2022: A new trend in the future of Motorcycles

What actually are electric dirt bikes?

You surely would have known about the off-road bike or dirt bikes. But electric dirt bikes. Ever heard of this word? What is an electric dirt bike motorcycle? Does it differ from that dirt bike we usually witness?

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First things first, dirt bikes are nature friendly and clean. Quietly, they use battery power to run hence there is no fuel or diesel tank. Nevertheless, that does not make the electric dirt bikes less stylish than those dirt bikes running on petrol.

We don’t need to pedal this electrical dirt bikes as we are being aided with the motor which makes it more blithesome and sportive.

top 10 electric dirt bikes

How does an electric dirt bike motorcycle operate?

We’re all familiar with how standard bikes work, you swing your legs over it turn the pedals and the bikes go along, you pull the brakes, and the bike stops. However when you add a battery, a motor and a control unit into the mix things are going to get different, you’re going to get an an electric bike, But the point is how does it all work?

The electric dirt bikes obtain or generate energy by using the electric motor. A rechargeable battery is installed in the bike that provides power to the bike. The battery that is instilled in the bike will provide the required amount of energy to the motor that eventually gives the mechanical energy to the bike. 

The bike only need a single gearbox because of the motor’s high revolution range due to which it does not need any kind of gears in it. The motor turns on automatically by just pressing the button. There are different types of motor used in such bikes one in the crank and other in the back hub.

Some of the advantages

1. No harmful gases released: Due to the use of lithium batteries no greenhouse gas is released.

2. Easily maintained: As the engine and the system is eco-friendly and cleaner, they are easy to maintain.

3.Tranquil: Unlike petrol-based dirt bikes, electric dirt bikes are anti-noise pollutants.

4. Economic friendly: They are far more economic than petrol based bikes as now the vast prices of fuels are reduced.

Top 10 best electric dirt bikes 2022

E-bike model

Estimated price
1. KTM free-ride e-xc USD 625.22
2. Cake Kalk E-dirt bike USD 14000
3. Alta Motors Redshift E-Dirt Bike USD 10,495
4. Zero FX ZF 7.2 USD 11,995
5. Electric Motion EM 5.7 E-dirt bike USD 8000 to USD 10000
6. The Kuberg trial Hero USD 2044.56
7.  Kuberg Freerider Electric dirt bike USD 11595
8. Light Bee SUR-BON X USD 4400
9. Trevor DTRE Stella USD 13,064)
10. Segway Dirt E-bike X260 USD 4.499

1. KTM Freeride E-XC

The KTM is one of the bike manufacturers that originated from Australia. The model EX-C is their type of electric dirt bike. It provides sophisticated components and different levels of driving modes together with economy mode. Talking about the battery, it can be charged full within 2 hours and also can be replaced by a new one making it easy for you to enjoy your electric dirt bike. It weighs about 111 kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 96km/h, and has a range of 2 hours


best electric dirt bikes

2. Cake Kalk OR Eletric Dirt Bike

This is the also among the top electric dirt bikes. There are various features of this electric dirt bike. It is lightweight, quiet, and easy to maintain. The range bike is 3 hours with a speed of 80km/h. The weight of this bike is 69 kg.

cake kalk electric dirt bike

3. Alta Motors Redshift Electric Dirt Bike

Depicting a great image since its launch, it offers genuine power in every aspect. It delivers 50 horsepower, three various driving modes, and recharges in less than 2 hours (usually 1.5 hours).  Fortified by its high-end performance this electric dirt bike can reach a speed of 70 miles per hour. It weighs about 117 kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 114 km/h, and has a range of 96 km.

top 10 electric dirt bike

4. Zero FX ZF 7.2

Zero has become one of the renowned manufacturers. This electric dirt bike is made legal for street riding. Comparatively, it has a larger battery that offers up to 90 miles of scope. Considering several charging accessories, it has the potential of charging for less than 2 hours. It weighs about 112 kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 136 km/h, and has a range of 74km.

top electric electric bike

5. Electric Motion EM 5.7 Electric dirt bike

An electric dirt bike is surely manufactured keeping in mind some aspects like pollution free, ergonomic, aesthetic, and lightweight.  This electric dirt bike does not require a kick start or a short time to heat its engine. You have to just turn the key and WROOM! There you go. It weighs about 79 kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 60km/h, and has a range of 200 minutes.

electric dirt bike

6. The Kuberg Trial Hero

For Kids under 15, it is the best choice I would say. Here in this bike, the speed is bounded. Moreover, it is far lighter compared to any other electric dirt bike. The battery is fully charged within 6 hours and offers 2 hours of enjoyable riding, making it more suitable for kids. It weighs about 72lbs, speed of 17mph and a range of 2 hours.

electric dirt bike

7. Kuberg Freerider Electric dirt bike

Available in varieties of motor outputs for instance 8Kw, 12Kw, etc.; this E-dirt bike is manufactured in Europe. Nothing more than lightweight and a comfortable ride could be expected from this masterpiece. It weighs about 36kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 55km/h, and has a range of 60 minutes


electric dirt bike

 8. Light Bee SUR-RON X

This electric dirt bike provides bicycle-like handling and motorcycle power. It is more of an eco bike than a sport. It can reach up to a height of a 45-degree angle. Likewise, it also contains swappable batteries and can be charged fully within 3 hours. It weighs about 50kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 32km/h, and has a range of 64 km.

electric dirt bike

9. Trevor DTRE Stella

This electric dirt bike is manufactured by the Belgian company Trevor Motorcycles. Moreover, it offers 2 versions including street legal and non-street illegal. Unfortunately, it only comes in white but additional colors could be bought. It weighs about 50kg, the maximum speed it can obtain is 32km/h, and has a range of 62 miles.

dirt bike

10. Segway Dirt E-bike X260

Just like KTM and other companies this manufacturing company has made its name known to the world. It is also not street legal but super comfortable, inexpensive, and lightweight. It weighs about 10lbs, the maximum speed it can obtain is 45mph, and has a range of 60 km.

electric dirt bike

What we need to look after

1. Is it legal to ride in the street?

Just like petrol-based dirt bikes, some of them are also non-street legal. And nonetheless, you would be living in a town that would confiscate your bike from you. You should assure that this bike is street legal or not.

2. Range of battery:

One of the major drawbacks of the electric dirt bike is its range.  Your battery should manage the amount of riding you forecasted. The range of the costly electric dirt bikes is much more than the physical capacity of many riders. It will be expensive for the customer.

3. Battery charging and consumption:

The battery charging and consumption/range are one of the snags of any electric vehicle. Usually, the range or consumption depends on the price of that vehicle. More the expensive the vehicle is more the range of the vehicle will be. Another factor includes the time it takes to charge.

Manufacturers facilitate customers with several accessories improving the charging. Moreover, many of them also offer the aspect of swapping the batteries. So we customers also need to take care of this while buying a new E-dirt bike.

In a Nutshell:

This blog will help you understand electric dirt bikes, their specifications benefits, and the cost of different electric dirt bikes. Besides this, you will get to know about the best electric dirt bikes that are launched in 2022.  Now it’s your turn to get the best electric dirt bike and have an opportunity to show some of your best skills.

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